Triathlon Club Social

My First Triathlon Club Social

Making Sure You Still Socialise 

Looking back on my my first triathlon club social. For those that have followed my journey from start or via this blog. You will know that I had to close myself away to focus on my recovery. This meant that my social scene went to zero. How can you recovery from drinking problem if your going back to pub everynight to see friends. Well that started to become the norm and in April 2017 I ad a bad bout of the blues. Read So I got told to join a club and the one I chose was Wakefield Triathlon Club.

Since then I have been getting out a lot more albeit running, cycling or swimming sessions. Just getting to know people from the sessions I was attending. This gave me a great base of support for training and a lot of virtual friends. By this you know you get lots of facebook friend request and never meet anyone. I then see a post on club facebook site saying triathlon club social curry night. I love a curry but a social with many people I don’t know bit daunting.

“bet it pisses you off were pissed and your not”.


See head goes into overdrive at this point. Thoughts about will they judge me for to drinking, will I get all those questions about why you not drinking. Then anxiety kicks in and you feel like you don’t want to be there. Or like other week when I went on a works social. You get to point where people are so drunk they start saying bet it pisses you off were pissed and your not. Thing is if your not in my face no it doesn’t bother me. See this was my first social so wasn’t sure type of drinkers these guys were. 

Then I remember what a friend from my support site OYNB said back at Christmas. ” If you don’t go on these nights out you will become a recluse and never socialise.” So on recalling this I put my name down for the curry night.

Triathlon Club Social

The Meal 

So the night came and i’d organised to pick some people up on route as I decided to drive. These people I knew a little bit so made it easier to go in with them. we arrived and were shown to our table it was huge I thought how many people are coming. I went and sat with someone I knew and ordered a coke. The anxiety was high but then soon it just went. Chat got flowing people who sat around me were people i’d run or cycled with. The chat soon headed towards what’s your next race or triathlon event and I felt great. Nobody judged me as to why I was on coke. In fact out of a table of 50 people i’d of said only half the people were on alcoholic drinks. 

As it was such a long table I only really managed to chat to people close to me. Saying that though one of the virtual friends did say hi to me early in the night. Then after food he came to speak some more, asked me to join him on some long cycle rides. Made me feel really good as he follows my Strava so knows if id be too slow or not. After meal it was 11pm some were heading on to a bar and you know what I really felt like I could of done it. Thing was I’d said I’d drive the friends back home so we decided to skip the bar.

In Summary 

It just has to be amazing thats only way to describe my first triathlon club social. I spoke before about the tribe and thats how I feel about these lot. It’s like I’ve found a family and a lifetime of friends. So if any of you reading this think you can’t socialise sober you can. If you’ve been putting off stopping drinking because you might have to follow my route of locking yourself away. Try follow my route and do it then join a club with new friends. Yes some people may judge you for not drinking but others won’t. I’m lucky I feel I’ve found a group of people that don’t judge others. 

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