The Best Interview And What Happened Next

Part 2 of the best interview and what happened when I got back to Leeds

In part 1 of this blog post titled First Sober Job Interview I left you where I was driving back to Leeds at 2am, after having an interview the previous day. Well this was just the start and its why I had to make this a 2 part blog.

Thing is because I struggle to write enough, then when I do I write too much and they become articles not blog posts. Just check out some of my earlier blogs and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s 2am and I’m driving back to Leeds From Bracknell where when I get back, I’ll put on my work clothes and go straight to work. My head still spinning with all the thoughts from previous day.

Will I get the job, did the interview go well, will my company let me finish 2 weeks earlier than planned, if not should I just walk out ? ,what will I say to my daughters mum about leaving Leeds early.

I got into work and didn’t have much time to wait on answer to one of those thoughts. My cab phone rang it was a number I didn’t recognise, I answered and it was my branch manager.

“What’s earliest date you want to leave ?”

I replied “next Friday 15th of March”

He responded with “that’s possible, just make sure you come see me after you finish your deliveries.”

Phew!!!! that was one of my worries gone, but many still existed.

I messaged my daughters mum and told her that I had been for an interview and if I was to get the job I’d be leaving a couple of weeks earlier than planned.

Her response was ” We will work it out just please make sure you get the holidays booked to cover when Elishia is off school.”

I told her I had requested the dates and that the company would honour them if they were to employ me.

Waiting On News Of The Interview

Wednesday passed and I picked my daughter from her mum’s house. I explained to her that I might be moving away sooner than planned.

“That’s ok” was all I got from her.

We played and it wasn’t really mentioned much after that.

Egg on my face

Thursday came and passed with no phone call. The company was interviewing someone else for the job on Wednesday. I was hoping on a call to know how it went. I was anxious that they’d offered him the job and everything I was planning was in vain.

eggs in tray on white surface

It’s now Friday morning. The last couple of days I’d been telling all my customers that I may be leaving in a weeks time. I was now panicking that I wouldn’t get a call and I’d have egg on my face.

Lunchtime. I pull up for my 45 minute tachograph break, I can’t wait any longer. I find Lee’s number in my phone. He’s the manager that interviewed me on Tuesday. I make the call, nervously. it starts with,

“Hi Lee, it’s Karl from interview other day. How did the interview go yesterday. No I mean Wednesday.”

As you can tell I was nervous.

He responded ” Yea it went well. But……. we’re offering you the job”.

I went light headed, the rest of the call I never really heard. I believe it went like this.

“The other candidate was a dustcart driver and had more experience than you. Thing is I got a better vibe from you. Without it sounding like a date there was just something about you. I was going to call you earlier but I can’t get hold of HR this morning, when I do I’ll email you the contract. When can you start again ??”.

With relief I told him the dates and also asked if my holidays had been honoured from my previous employment.

“Brilliant I’ll see you on the 18th and yes we can honour your holidays just email them over to me”

The relief was enormous I had landed a job, yes it meant I was moving away earlier and losing some time spent with Elishia, yet in the great scheme of life a couple of weeks wasn’t going to hurt the bond of growth of my daughter. I still would be up for her school holidays and for nearly every weekend for the next two months.

I called Claire, I knew I shouldn’t because it wasn’t her break, but I had to tell her the news. Safe to say excited was an understatement. “I’m proud of you.”

Saying My Goodbyes

I got back into work and told my boss the news. I also told all my other work colleagues and we started to plan for my departure, in the form of going out for a few drinks.

I told my daughters mum that I would be leaving earlier and that my holidays had been honoured.

The organiser and planner in me proceeded to create a calendar for her showing all the dates of weekends we’d be coming back up, plus holidays.


Whilst doing this I also made a calendar for all my family and also created us a WhatsApp group called weekend plans.

Not everyone was as excited as I was about these. Piss was taken and jibes made, good job I can laugh it off.

The final week passed so quick. Before I knew it Thursday was upon us and we we’re going out for leaving drinks. I even managed to get out for a drink with my ex football chairman. Somebody I hadn’t had a good chat with since I gave up drinking over 2 years ago.

The weekend arrived and so did Claire. We spent it together with Elishia and my niece, Elishia asked if her cousin could sleep and I couldn’t refuse. They get on better than sisters, they’re so close.

A far cry from my previous life

As a going away gift I decided to buy Elishia a new iPad. She already had one but it was 6 years old, wasn’t able to support Netflix and was a little slow. So she was due a new one, plus why can’t a dad treat his special girl once in a while, eh?.

Before we knew it Sunday was upon us. Elishia was going home at 2pm.

This meant it was a mad rush for Claire and myself to pack as much of my life up into bags to move me and my whole life in Leeds down south.

man walking on the road holding black luggage during sunset

The next day would be the first day of the rest of my life. I would be starting my new job, I’d be waking in my new home, I’d be living in a new part of the country, I’d be living part time with two teenage children, I’d be two hundred miles away from my daughter and family.

A far cry from my previous life of going to work, going to gym, cooking for myself, looking after a 7 year old, sitting on my own at night and then sleeping alone.

To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement.

I went to bed not knowing what my next week had in store for me. I didn’t sleep too well.



Want to hear what happened next then check out my follow up blogs. plus If you liked this or any other blog be sure to comment I love reading your feedback and will try to reply.

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  1. This is a gripping read! Wow. Living life as an adventure. Xxx

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