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Bradford 10K Epilepsy Awareness 

Early Risers

After such a crappy week that I posted about on Friday. This morning was the other end of the scale. Up at 06:30am as I had my daughter sleeping, to get us both ready. Because at 09:00am I had run in Bradford 10k My daughter didn’t want to come watch. This meant a mad rush to get us both ready. For us both to get breakfast and to take her home in time for me to make it to start line. Plus I’ve carrying a knee problem since the Dewsbury 10K so needed to get it taped up.

Tapped Poorly Knee

All went well one thing I have to say about my daughter at the ripe old age of 5. She is very disciplined and does do as told. 08:00am were out of house and on schedule.

Second Time Running This Route

I arrive in Bradford just after 08:30am manage to park in the shopping centre and head for the starting area. This run was different last year when I run it. I had plans after the race to go on a date in York, the start of my final downward destruction. The date went well in my eyes but the girl was just playing the field. It sent me on my final 2 and half month everyday binge drinking after work. Luckily then I woke up and found Plus last year this was only my second ever 10K race. I finished the race on what was a dry, cold and bright day in 1h:01m:56. 

This morning I arrive to driving rain, icy cold temperatures and as I’m a little later I’m to the back of starting grid. This is not the most ideal place to be when your hoping for a sub hour time. The route takes you through some winding tight streets, not best for passing slower runners. Then takes you up and and down some steepish inclines before opening up onto wider roads. So here I am stood at back of everyone as the siren goes to start race.

The Race Start 0KM – 5.5KM

We all filter out and as I said we start winding through streets. Carefully I’m filtering my way through, cursing myself for getting stuck in this group. Making sure I don’t clip heels as I get close to other runners. I’m cautious as we descend the hills with my knee to how it holds up. We get out onto the open roads and this is where I find it easier. The route is flat now with only one or two climbs that come halfway. I’m making good progress and passing people with ease. I make a decision to ignore my times and run to how I feel. Thoughts of hitting a sub 55 mins have gone at the start line. Aim is now that I want to just get under the hour mark.

We get get to the first big incline around 4km mark its steady but this year I knew it was coming unlike last. My body is feeling good. legs feel good, breathing is good. As I head for the turn runners coming other way are showing signs of going out to fast too hard. I’m feeling smug I’m coasting which means I mustn’t be under my 10min mile target. So I hit the turn and only one thing in my mind. Get some water and push on.

The Race 5.5KM – finish 10KM

A set of inclines and declines before water station separate a few that were in front of me. I grab two cups of water down them and start to make my move. Still not looked at my watch so not sure what my pace is. I now am going quicker I can tell as a running club member starts pacing at side of me. Don’t know why but I just kept pushing, 4KM to go as i pass sign. I’m feeling good and some of the people I saw in front of me before turn are starting to fail as I pass them. If I can keep this pace for another 20Mins ill be fine. 

Thing was though as I knew we was getting closer to centre I seemed to be passing more and more runners. No sooner had I thought if I keep on track with them I’m at a good pace. I would pass them and find another to try pace with. This happened all way towards the finish. I knew i was pushing a lot harder in the last KM could feel it in my lungs. I’m not one for sprint finish so this was as hard as I would go. 

Finish Line

We twist into the city centre and then I see the official timer, 58:23m. This means I’m under an hour as I set off after the clock in the last wave. I cross the finish line and stop my strava, before I see time the official time get texted to me. 00:56:59 I’m pretty cuffed with that as I go collect my t-shirt. Well this year it came in a bag different to last year I thought. Reason for that came to light as I stretched off and walked back to the car. This year you got a medal my first ever running medal I’m buzzing. So as I update people on my times and pics of my medal on all social media I reflect on a Bradford 10k race.

Bradford 10K route


Well what do I take from todays race. I didn’t let the previous week of misery and stress get me down. Starting at the back I didn’t let that get to me I continued to push through and finish with a good time. Proved to myself again that sticking to a pace your happy with you will pass dedicated club runners. Shown also that not checking my watch every mile can work just as well. Plus all this was done sober this year not after a night of a few beers. I could of cracked everyday this week and opened a cold lager. I didn’t though and I got my buzz from this Bradford 10k run. Yes I ache, yes I will be stiff in morning but I achieved something today.

Plus you don’t get medals for standing at a bar for 6 hours drinking up to 15 pints. Then going home to a greasy pizza falling asleep at 7pm. Then waking up twice in night for toilet break, and spending all Monday hungover.

First running medal



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