Spontaneous Sunday – Wakefield 10K

Spontaneous Sunday

Running The Wakefield 10K

So this Sunday morning I woke at 6:30am all ready to go hit a spontaneous 10k. The choice today was Wakefield hospice 10k. I always had this in my diary to run, but due to it been my weekend to have my daughter, I didn’t book it. Luckily I found out that you could register on the day hence me awakening at 6:30am. Only 6:30am’s on a Sunday I knew previously were the ones where I was only just getting in. Learning from my previous mistakes of not getting enough carbs in pre race, I made a hearty bowl of Proats. Jumbo oats mixed with a scoop of protein powder and water added to which is blueberries and almonds. This is my breakfast most days. 

Once I’d demolished the Proats and a strong coffee it was time to head off. With this been a new race to me it was finding the parking area and obviously registration tent. I arrive at 8:10am, first time ever I brought a bag so needed to find that tent and registration tent. On finding the registration tent I fill out the form hand it in and pay my fee. Then onto bag holding tent, never done this before as always run in winter so I had many pockets. But this is Spring lighter clothes, or so it should be.

Pre Race

So as I hand in my bag get myself sorted and head for a final toilet break. Queue is long and its approaching 8:40, as we stand there in the freezing cold (remember its suppose to be warm). Weather was checked 13 degrees it said no rain, then it happens. Heavens open so not only is it cold, its also raining. This idiot listened to weather report and is freezing in some 5 inch shorts and vest. Yes a vests and shorts, I spot a quick line for mens toilets off I shoot. Then its to the start.

Pre Race

I sort myself out in a pen off post 55mins, optimistic I know but didn’t want to get stuck like I did at Bradford 10k. The 5 min countdown begins, stretches and lunges, star jumps and squats, I’m ready. Starter gun goes and away we go. Another tight course to run out from narrow roads and lots of participants. 


So as we hit the open roads my heavily strapped knee starts to hurt, luckily it doesn’t last past 2k mark. I’m not feeling it too much on way out. As were getting towards 3k where it drops down before a steepish incline, I ease into it. Somehow I’m starting to feel stronger as we get nearer the turn, and I see the 55 min pacer heading back. My thoughts of a sub 55 min time isn’t on. I hit the turn and decide to go for it. I pick up my pace grab water and start a much quicker run back in. Seems I have a follower too he keeps going past me and then I gradually reel him in. Then I see the 55 min pacer under the bridge. 

Thats it off I go chasing it down my follower still with me. 7k mark and I’m on top of pacer. Next person in sight is a Wakefield triathlon runner slowly I get on her tail and pass her around 8.5K mark. My follower has too gone back ahead of me an I now see the final km as we drop down the last hill. Tapping the follower on the shoulder i say. “come on you been chasing me all way last 5 mins lets push it”. Never looking back I just go, maybe a little too early but I climb into the park and see finish line. Timer is saying 53:13 as I cross line. Buzzing.

Post Race

Stopping my strava I look behind for the guy that ran me hard in final 5k. I can’t see him so head for my finishers t-shirt. Then its time to get bag, safe to say I’m buzzing thinking about my time I know its quick. Can’t wait for official time, but till then ill have to check my strava. I head back to car before big rush to leave carparks and head for a coffee. Once I’m sat in Costa I look up my strava time, to my utter disappointment. The course has only recorded 9.9k so although it was my fastest run I don’t get a pb on my 10k. Gutted but then I see lots on strava for the route are same. This has screwed a lot of pb’s up today.

Wakefield 10k


Anyway as I sit here drinking my latte and eating my flapjack I still am happy with my achievement. Plus when I look back on where I would of been 18 months ago on a Sunday, hungover still in bed. I’ve come a pretty long way to be disappointed about running a sub 55min 10k. I couldn’t even run then or even wanted to. Plus it was spontaneous and not 100% planned.

Costa Coffee



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  1. View location map with parking details and directions on getting to The Hepworth Wakefield.

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