Sober stag party

How I survived a stag party sober, whilst been best man.

Lead up and planning

So for anyone who reads this blog. Back in January 2018 my baby brother shocked me by asking me to become his best man One Of My Proudest Moments. Shocked as we’ve always had a little bit of a love hate relationship. All due to my drinking habits and lifestyle. So as I was best man I had to organise the best stag party possible. I had previous didn’t I, I knew how to drink and enjoy myself so perfect for me to plan. I got straight onto it, phoned a stag company they gave me all details and prices and I thought. Hang on I can do all this ringing around and save lads money. I am from Yorkshire after all and we’re all tight.

So early February I’d all names of lads in a Facebook group. 23 to be precise all big drinkers. I put out to them my options, stag didn’t want to go abroad. It had to be uk based and a one day event. With a little searching and time on Phone I found out local racecourse York had a meeting on. I put it to the lads and they were all up for it. Now to sort drinks. 23 lads round York will not just walk into a bar especially on race day. So I managed to organise two bars with free drinks. So I put this to lads a cost of ¬£90 per head. Which got us grandstand tickets, train to and from York, plus two bars with VIP entry and free drinks.

Trying to keep it a secret

As said above I created a secret Facebook group where only the lads on the party were allowed in. The stag wasn’t in as I was doing all organising. I got all deposits in early from all the lads. Got all bars secured, race tickets bought and then lads just paid each month til paid off. This was going well stag had no idea where he was going and all sworn to secrecy. That was until one afternoon whilst chatting about the event my sister-in-law accidentally said. “Your going to races aren’t you. Right in front of my brother (stag)”.

Although I was a little pissed off it was bound to happen at some point someone say something. Thing was that was in March and it was all kept hush hush no more spills until! Two weeks out from the event one of lads who had to drop out lived in York. My brother was over to see him for the day. When his mother-in-law accidentally said these words. ” it’s a shame you can’t go on that stag do isn’t it, as it’s only in York”. That giving away the venue to my brother. Well pissed off by now I was. Only thing he didn’t know about was the VIP bars and free drinks.

The event

Day of the event arrived, I’m not lying I was nervous I even said this to Claire my partner. Going sober has been quite easy for me but this would be the greatest test. 22 lads aged between 29 and 50 nearly all big heavy drinkers and party goers, and me sober. Only way I could deal with it was to make sure we headed to first bars where I could get alcohol free drinks. We started morning with a full breakfast. Followed by drinks of course, headed for station, more drinks. Some also bought cans in shops between breakfast and station. Some bought cans for 20 minute journey on train.

Sober Stag Party The Sober Yorkshireman
The Sober Yorkshireman at york races

All I kept telling myself was that used to be me, it’s not no more don’t be envious. We arrived in York more cans of alcohol from shop on walk to race course. Then the stag got told to walk in just his pants. Not my idea as of this point I was losing control, it’d been taken over. We got him to racecourse where I made him re dress. The races went well but many got split up. One disappointing thing was that York racecourse bars didn’t serve 1 alcohol free beer option. This annoyed me as it’s a social venue and so many options out there for them to accommodate people like myself with.

Post races and the bars

As I said we all got split up at races. Unbeknown to myself some of the lads had gone on to bars in York already. We got a call as we was walking back asking me where the first VIP bar was. I let them know and said wait for us. They didn’t they headed to the bar and got all the free drinks in, started to work their way through them. When we arrived I found a manager and asked for our bottle of vodka. This was declined as apparently we were enjoying ourselves too much and been noisy. I got us a refund and said I’d put more drinks on at final bar and we left.

sober stag party
Stag wearing high heels sober stag party

We got to our final bar albeit only a small handful as many of the lads. Either had drunk too much or had just decided their night was over and headed home. In the final bar we got all drinks at table and party was going well. Great music in the venue. The stag was ticking off his dares from the dare tie I bought him. Then it all went wrong. One of the dares was to do a striptease. He started it and all was going well until a doorman stepped in and kicked him out. He didn’t see funny side of it. That meant choices for people. Stay in bar or leave. In end all left not without taking all bottles of spirits with them though.


So anyway by this time I’d had enough I think the stag had too. My job was done he’d had a fantastic day. Although he kept telling me as did all his mates which meant I snapped at him (apologies if you read this). It’s just when your sober and all around are drunk you here the same story a thousand times in one night. Anyone who’s sober will relate to this. Anyway I got him home to his fianc√© and I got thanked by her. My other brother got home fine too.

I proved to myself I could survive a full day out with lads drinking. Another milestone achieved and I wasn’t boring I got things organised. Where I could drink alcohol free I did. Where I couldn’t I found it hard. I will admit at times I was feeling I wasn’t in the loop. I was slightly not bored but not entertained as I wasn’t on same level as the lads. I believe now anything is possible for me, although an abroad stag weekend would be another test.

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