First Adult Sober Birthday

First Adult Sober Birthday

Last Week I Celebrated My First Adult Sober Birthday

I let this pass last week without fuss my first adult sober birthday. Why?? I thought its something I should of been proud of. This is the first birthday since I was 15 or 16 that I haven’t been drunk on my birthday. It’s also the first time since turning 21 that I haven’t been well and truly comatose. My first birthday since being an adult where I haven’t woke the follow day panicking about what happened night before. So why didn’t I shout about it from the roof tops. Well to be honest its been pretty hectic and I’ve neglected my blog, something I regret as I’m new to this and need followers.

How I celebrated it sober

How did I celebrate it then without alcohol, if your new to following me I was a very heavy drinker. Any given night I could sink 12 pints of lager after work. Well it was pretty damn easy and very rewarding which is how I hope the rest of my sober birthdays will be. It started with my 5 year old daughter waking me after sleeping over. I’m separated from my daughters mother and for her to let me have my girl overnight was special. Especially as it was a Monday and not a normal weekend.


After breakfast we headed on bus into town to catch a movie. Although it was my birthday I wanted to make it a treat day all round. So we grabbed a coffee and cookie before the cinema opened. We then went and watched The Boss Baby which was pretty funny, plus we was sat next to a UK tv celebrity. Once the movie was over we headed for my daughters first Nando’s. We both eat loads and washed it down with desserts (well it was a treat day and my birthday). 

Evening Celebrations

After town it was sometime for my daughter, once I took her home it was a pretty normal day. Didn’t really feel much like a birthday as I said I’m so used to them being drunken. This is probably why I didn’t write about it till now. I went to the gym worked out and then came home for my tea. I did celebrate with an Erdinger Alcohol Free Lager which I hadn’t had since Dublin trip. Then it was an early night.


If reading this and thinking well that was quite a boring way to celebrate your birthday I want to tell you different. For one thing my daughter woke me up, she wouldn’t of slept if I was drinking. I enjoyed a full day watching my daughter laugh at the movies. We enjoyed our first Nando’s, somewhere i’d never of had money to take her before. I spent quality time with the one person who melts my heart and keeps me sober. None of this would of happened last year 2016.

This is the start of my sober birthdays, I can’t wait to see where the rest take us. Yes I thought about getting smashed and what it would feel like don’t get me wrong. It soon passed as I had made memories and I’ve written before and done videos on my YouTube channel For me now its about making memories for myself and my daughter. I want her to grow up and of enjoyed a fulfilled childhood. Not have one where dad was too pissed to do anything. Please read this again and see that it was a fab first adult sober birthday.

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