Quitting My Job

Leaving behind some good friends, colleagues and customers

Back in July I revealed in my blog Growing up that I was making the move to live with my girlfriend in Ascot. Well today I quit my job and tomorrow I will packing up the car with all my belongings and heading south.

Six and a half years ago I started at this company. They took me on with only a years experience of lorry ( LGV) driving under my belt.

fuck me that lorry is big

When I arrived on my first day I was introduced to an old timer in Richard. He was retiring soon and it was his job to show me round my new route.

We went out in what was to become my office for the next 5 and a bit years. It was a Daf 22tonne long wheel base ridged, YK59 WGF, as we approached it I though “fuck me thats big” bigger than anything I’d driven before.

My beloved lorry on fire back in 2015. Like Phoenix though it came back from the ashes.

My daily route

We set out on what was going to be my route for the next six and a half years.


Apparently it was the one area that most drivers tried to avoid. I soon realised why.

The city is lovely and people are so friendly, but the streets you’ve to navigate that’s a whole different ball game.

On top of that everyday I was loaded to capacity, all this with an area to cover which each day started in our yard at Morley, with first drop in Huddersfield, near the famous Emley Moor Mast, then into Sheffield, down to Chesterfield, across to Worksop finishing up in Rotherham, before returning to our yard in Morley.

It was tough at first especially when Richard got taken away from me and I had to find my own way. At times I was like bambi on ice, slowly, slowly approach. Navigating that big lorry round streets only fit for a van.

10-15 pints per night

It didn’t obviously help that each night I would be going to my local pub to whine down drinking my quota of alcohol which was at this stage in my life 10-15 pints per night.

See that was my life, it was only way I knew to relax. Plus it dampened down the demons in my head.

One thing it didn’t do though was cause me to have a sick day. I never missed a day from work due to been hungover.

I will genuinely miss this job and its with a heavy heart that I leave IDS. I’ve had an amazing six and half years working here.

A few thank you’s

I’d like to firstly thank my transport manager Denis who not only took a chance on me but has since become a good friend. Raj and Sarah for been great managers and allowing me to leave early from my contract.

Can I also thank all others I have worked alongside past and present. Warehouse lads Timmy, Sean, Josh, Paul, Mick, Rab, Brad, Dave, Craig. Office staff Alison, Jo, Katie, Claire, Martin, Andrew, Richard. Drivers Ron, Kieth, Ken, Richard B, Berine.

Also those colleagues no longer with us you are missed everyday Daz and Steve ‘Sarge’

Lastly I’d like to say thanks to all those customers I’ve had pleasure of getting to know over the past six and half years. You really have made my time here enjoyable.

Thank you all


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