Planning 2018 goals

Creating my triathlon annual training plan (ATP) and how is similar to thoughts when quitting alcohol.

Planning 2018 goals

The time has now come I’m at end of my first season with the triathlon club that I was told to join. So I’ve been having a break these last 6-8 weeks. Also I got a crappy knee pain injury and a chest infection. So whilst training has been on the back burner I’ve been studying. Studying to improve my coaching skills and help me become a better triathlete.

See I decided to create a business offering athletes online coaching. This was inspired by listening to Tony Robbins. He mentioned about doing something that in past used to bring you joy. Coaching juniors at football was made me happy. So I decided why not try coach athletes to reach their goals. Wether thats a couch to 5K new runner, or someone aspiring to become an IronMan finisher. Since I started this Ive already felt that joy coaching two people to 5K from novice non runners.

So whats my goals

Well last year when I joined triathlon club I couldn’t swim. I couldn’t reach 1 length of the 25M pool. In the past few weeks with help from coaches and 1-2-1 tuition I’ve reached 400m almost non-stop. My next aim now is to complete 100M, that will come though as I’m determined to compete in 2018. So I got myself a calendar and also a list of races that are local. I then planned on doing a few sprint triathlons, one olympic distance and the cherry an half distance triathlon at end of season. My biggest aim though is to complete a marathon something never on my radar when I was drinking.

So then it came down to how to plan my training. How do I plan to train next year without getting all these little injury niggles that have hampered me over past 2 years. This is where all my time has been focused over past 6 weeks studying books, websites and listening to top coaches from the sport. I invested in two big coaching aids, one been training peaks plan builder. A website that aids in making training plans. Secondly The Training Bible, a book dedicated on how to coach athletes and also aid if your looking at self coaching.

The daunting task of building a plan

As I started with with the training peaks website i was overwhelmed. How am I going to build this years training what do I start with, how many hours do I commit to. How many days should I train, what should I do in gym, Should I do 3 swims a week or 4 runs a week. My head was in bits, all I saw was numbers and no way of organising this. So I turned to The Training Bible, dedicated every morning to read before work. Once I started reading the book it started to make sense to me. I was slowly learning each day how to incorporate each part of my year.

This made me think its just like when I decided to quit alcohol. I had that daunting feeling that I’m never going to drink. I can’t do this I remember saying to myself. So I looked back on how I did it, its same as making this plan. Don’t look at the 365 end goal break it down, you have a prep phase, then 2 base phases, then 2 build phases and a race prep and taper phase. Within each of them phases you break down the weeks, then break it down into days of training. Once I did that it was easier to build the plan.

Watch this space

Now that I’ve started building those small blocks into weeks an days and hours I believe I’ll have my best year of training. Not only myself though also all those amazing athletes I’m coaching will also benefit from my efforts. See I’ve already had my doubters about what I’m doing, wheres your qualifications, where your experience in triathlons. All these are valid reasons for people to doubt me. But I tell you now watch this space because what I don’t have in experience or qualifications I have in abundance and drive to succeed.

My Business TRI-b3 Triathlon and Endurance Online Coaching

See when I first started football coaching I had no idea what I was doing. That never stoped me watching my teams lift trophies. Not been able to swim didn’t stop me deciding to join a triathlon club. People who know me best know that I will become a coach a bloody good one. I’ll also become a great triathlete too. So to all those doubters watch this space as passing you soon will be an athlete wearing a TeamTRI-b3 Tri suit or a van turning up with TeamTRI-b3 on side at your local triathlon.





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