One Year No Beer (OYNB)

Looking For Help To Quit Alcohol

I can’t Recommend These Guys Enough One Year No Beer

Why Choose OYNB

The reason I give these such a personal blog post is because of how much they played a huge part in my recovery. Upon finding this page in May 2016 my life has just blossomed. Their unique way of making it a challenge to start with 28 days to quit the booze. Followed up by aiming for 60,90 then 365 days or One Year No Beer, really appealed to me. Plus these guys seemed just like me when I read their stories. Why choose them for one you get a Facebook format that is free at OYNB Free Group. This is a closed group and no one shall know your a member. Secondly after you’ve had a look into that and feel you want to get a little more serious and go for say 60 or 90 days. You can pay a fee to get that extra support and move over to the other Facebook group OYNB Paid Members.

You may ask why would I want to pay to quit alcohol I know it crossed my mind. Well quitting alcohol is a massive step and life changing event in your life. In the paid area you will find extra resources, daily emails, access to webinars from influential people like the mentors Andy Ramage and Rauri Fairburns. Ongoing expert content from OYNB partners and Ambassadors. The ambassadors and experts take care of all aspects of life, from mindset to fitness, productivity, health & wellbeing. There is also access to podcasts these are not just from the creators Andy and Rauri but also famous podcasters and inspirational speakers.

Why It Worked For Me

I found that the only way I could commit to going alcohol free at start was to go it alone. In that I mean distance myself from my friends so that I could go cold turkey. That could of left me very vulnerable as I’ve written before with depression. In finding these guys and using the resources I build a group of online friends and support that I chatted with daily. Some of these people are lifelong friends now. I did the 60,90 days and made 365 days thanks to these guys. So please go check them out at the links below and I hope I see you in the group in near future look me up.

Website :

Facebook : OYNB Free Group


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  1. Jean

    well done. Im thinking of doing this. Thank you for writing this.

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