One Of My Proudest Moments

Amazing 2018

This weekend was my daughters 6th birthday. I’m so proud of the little girl she has grown into. For those that don’t know me my daughter was a gift. She is also the greatest force behind me becoming sober. For the first four years of her life I was still been the single lad. Going to the pub every night self destructing and feeling sorry for myself. See only time I actually didn’t drink was when I had my daughter through day or overnight. Since been sober I’ve done so many more things with her and seen her really grow. 

Today it was her 6th party and I went to listen to twenty plus excited screaming children. My idea of a nightmare when I was drinking. Now though as I’m present and can see the utter enjoyment on all the children’s faces I love it. So the party is in full swing and I get a call from my youngest brother. ‘You still at the party? We’re on our way just been to wedding shop.’ I replied ‘yes still here see you soon.’

About 20 minutes later my brother arrived with his fiancée and step daughter. Gave my daughter her birthday card and preceded to watch the party games. We got got chatting about date they had chosen for the wedding. A lovely late September wedding to look forward to. Whilst we were chatting I asked wether he wanted a drink whilst I was going to the bar. I’m stood at the bar looking for a non alcoholic drink. When my brother walked in, as I was just getting served. I asked again if he wanted a drink he said no.pexels-photo-136418

Lump in my throat

As I paid for my drink my brother said to me ‘can you sit down for a minute want to ask you something. ‘ I was a little worried wondered what was up.

‘ Karl will you do me the honour of been my best man ? I’m so proud of how you’ve changed your life around by stopping drinking. I know that I’ve many friends that can do it but feel you know me best. I also believe you’ll be able to do it right. ‘

Safe to say I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye one of my proudest moments. What else could I say when your youngest brother says he’s proud of you and asks you to be his best man. ‘Yes’ with a firm handshake I agreed. We returned to the party, once it was over though I headed home and started researching speeches and even created a new document and started writing. This is my first ever best mans speech and I don’t want to mess it up. Also don’t want to mess the stag do up.

Best picture I could find of the stag

In summary

Well it’s simple isn’t it. Alcohol free life just gets better with time. I know I wouldn’t of even had a look in two years ago. I wasn’t someone to be proud of. I would of been wasted by time speeches came around. So for anyone that is thinking why am I going alcohol free. I hope this post proves to you that people see the new you. Even ones that called you a fat slob and waster. They can change their views as you change back to the person they knew when growing up. Not the person of recent times. So here’s to my baby brother and his fiancée. I will make you proud and thank you.

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4 Thoughts to “One Of My Proudest Moments”

  1. Elizabeth CANAVAN

    Such a fab blog to read, so proud of you – you deserve all these fantastic moments in life and they’ll just keep coming for you x

    1. Thank you so much my friend.

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