My blog has been recognised

My amazing week

My blog has been recognised

So needed to tell you about this amazing week as my blog has been recognised. Well as you know I only started writing this blog at turn of new year. Just started it to really keep myself accountably and help keep me focused on been sober. Its not got many posts on it yet but I hope over time it will inspire some to read and subscribe to the newsletters. I’m not very literate and didn’t come out of school with any grades. So this is totally out of my comfort zone and I’m learning everyday how to write. So please stick with me support me and in time I hope they get better.

My recognition

I decided to email to see if it was anything they might be able to use with there clients. I was an ex client and I know that any type of extra advise is helpful. Remember I used the support of 90 day emails to also get through early months of recovery. So Monday arrives this week and I log onto my dashboard where it tells me how many hits I’ve had daily. At the moment I’m getting a regular flow of 10-40 hits daily. Then Monday a massive surge in views and lots of traffic coming from twitter. Well Im not on twitter, I check my emails and I realise why? my blog has been recognised.

http://@forwardleeds had emailed me to tell me they had reviewed my blog and found that it was inspirational. The email read, we have tweeted about you. So I start up my laptop and think to myself I best set up a Twitter account. You can now find me on twitter. Well seems I should’ve set one up straight away as I’ve got a great following now from so many sober tweeters. Also I’m following so many people that have got my blog out to more people.


Then Tuesday  comes and I thought better email Forward Leeds and thank them for the new traffic to my site. Look at me with all the new lingo. This is where it got even more exciting regarding my blog the response was not what I expected. It read a little like this, ” Karl would you be willing to come along next Tuesday and do an interview as The Sober Yorkshireman for our media.” Well due to work commitments I had to find out if times could be arranged and I’m pleased to say. We have arranged a time, late afternoon Tuesday I’m going to to do my interview.

Im not quite sure what they are going to want to base questions around but if it helps someone then thats all I hope for. This blog is not just only about how I’m getting through my life sober. It’s  hopefully helping others that think they can’t do without alcohol that they can.

Only this morning I was watching a video blog from a friend she is the female version of me. Amie is also on #oynb this is where I met her and coincidently we both quit alcohol after the May bank holiday 2016. She was saying in this VLOG about how she doesn’t class herself as alcoholic as she didn’t wake needing alcohol. Thats exactly same as me I didn’t need alcohol on a morning but man could I throw them back after a day at work or on a weekend. Amie inspires me daily with her fitness and it just shows no matter what background you come from or drinking spectrum, it is possible to be happy sober.


This week has shown me that no matter how much education you have had, what background your from. Whether your literate or not, if you really put your mind to something believe in something you can succeed. Sunday I smashed my best ever time in a 10k race. This was followed by the fact I saw the West Yorkshire Fire service recruiting in to which I have decided to apply. Also my blog getting recognised, go challenge yourself start the sober life if alcohol is becoming too much of an influence in your life. Please sign up to the 90 day challenge at its helped me. also go find your local alcohol support group if you need that more one to one support. Please also follow me on all media.

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  1. Christine Penrose

    Absolutely bloody awesome!! Can’t wait to see the interview. Also, good luck with your application to the fire service! Keep smashing those goals!!

  2. Thanks so much fingers crossed. I will post it if I get a link.

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