Looking for support in North America

For all you that follow me in North America or are new to this blog. Maybe you found me as your looking to quit alcohol. Well if your after that extra support then please check these guys out. It’s a free ebook that gives a guide on how to deal and cope with drink and drug addictions. 

I’m a massive advocate for this type of help as in my early days here in UK. I went and got one to one support just to help me express my feelings and fears of going sober. This is what’s in there blurb and links to the website and office.

drugrehab.com is an online information center dedicated to those battling addiction, mental health issues and sobriety. Their goal is to equip families with the necessary tools and resources to guide them on the road to recovery. You can access the site here: http://www.drugrehab.com/sobriety/ or call 877-695-5395

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