A Flashback To More Embarrassing Times Sent From My Long Suffering Brother


Embarrassed Flashback

So just flicking through my phone when I came across these photos my brother sent me. A few weeks maybe a couple of months ago my brother sent me these pictures below. I was so embarrassed about these photos I just ignored them. Well upon seeing them again I thought I’d share them with you. It really shows what a bad state I used to get into daily. In these photos I’m wearing my work clothes. That can only mean one thing that it was a weeknight and I’d been in pub all afternoon/evening. Looking closer at these pictures I can see my face is red raw, The date said 2011 on picture so it obviously isn’t sunburn. I must of either drunk so much or the blood has just rushed to my head from angle I’m resting.

Long Suffering Brother

These flashback photos come from my long suffering youngest brother. When these were taken in 2011 he was still at home with me. He used to be confronted with me every night coming home in states like this. I never knew he’d taken these photos but obviously this evening he must of been highly pissed off with me. I know he used to get pissed off about me coming in drunk every night. Ordering pizzas and not either paying for them or eating them. I also know that since accomplishing my year of sobriety how much he is proud of me. He phoned me on holiday to let me know after seeing my video I posted on The Sober Yorkshireman YouTube channel.

Pictures and analyse them For Yourself

So below are the pictures he sent me. It looks from my point of view that I’ve something in my hand this could be money. It also scarily looks as though I’ve fallen down at least some of the stairs if not all. Also It highlights just what a mess I was, I look dead. To anyone walking in on this scene you would say he’s dead. It is scary that I used to get this way every single night after work. 

It does however show anyone thats in this rut that I was back then. That it is possible to change your life around and become sober. Not only become sober but make your family proud of you again. Make yourself proud and gain your self respect back. Back just over a year ago I had no self respect, would sleep unwashed and stay in same work clothes all week. Take a look at these pictures if you see yourself in them read rest of my blog and i’ll try help you turn it round. The old saying if I can do it you can. It is perfect to sum up this blog post.

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2 Thoughts to “Flashback”

  1. Christine Penrose

    OMG that’s gobsmacking especially when you think of how your life is now!! You have done a complete 360 turnaround demonstrating just how much can be achieved with the right mindset and determination. X

    1. Thank you so much for comment. Yes very much disturbed me when i received the pictures x

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