First Sober Job Interview

My first ever interview for a job sober, which wasn’t followed by an afternoon in the pub

Just last week I was asked to go for a job interview at the drop of an hat.

I was down in my new house on a two day break to look for work. I’d had a morning of driving around Bracknell popping into various warehouses, asking for positions.

It was lunchtime and Claire and myself had arranged to meet in Costa on Ascot high street. I’d not had much luck on my drive around and with internet searches. So was feeling a little deflated.

We sat down with laptops ready for Claire to send a few emails. Not long after we had sat down I received a phone call. It was from a company I’d called earlier that morning and left a message with.

The company was Shorts group a family run business collecting commercial waste and demolition. I’d been in close contact with this company for a few months.

They collect the trade waste from Claire’s place of work they also have close ties with the companies owner. In fact one of the office staff that day had put a good word in for me.

Have your circumstances changed now, are you available for work

The call was from HR;

“hello is that Karl, have your circumstances changed now, are you available for work.”

“No, I’m still planning on coming down the end of March and available for work start of May.” I replied.

Response was “That’s ok then I’ll keep you on file until then. It’s unfortunate though as we’re still hoping to set someone on as a tipper driver by end of March and interviewing for the dustcart job tomorrow with a view to them starting immediately.”

That was the end of the call, as I put the phone down the look on my face made Claire say to me “what’s up ?.”

I Replied ” The job that I wanted is getting filled this week, I don’t know what to do”.

My head was spinning, on one hand I knew I had to take this job. It was well paid and meant I was secure and also we would be secure. On the other hand I still had 3 weeks to serve of my notice, plus I’d told my family and especially Elishia that I wasn’t moving until early April after my birthday. I was in total turmoil.

Many Phone Calls Later

As we both finished our drinks Claire said “what you going to do ?”, what’s going round in your head. I said I think I need to take this job.

Nothing said that this job was mine apart from my own self belief. We finished our drinks Claire went back to work, I headed home and made a few phone calls.

First was to my current boss asking if I could leave my position early, to which his response was not really, but how soon you thinking. I told him a week Friday 15th March. Leave it with me.

In my head though I was only been courteous because if I got the job I was going anyway.

Second call was to the HR woman Paula i’d spoke to earlier. She told me that she would get the manager to call me back as soon as he could.

Clock watching

That was me sat in limbo waiting on a phone call. In meantime i’m responding to Claire with everything that was going on, all the conversations I was having.

4pm came and still no response from Lee the manager. I knew the company closed at 4:30 pm so not much time for him to call me. With my desperation to try get this job I called him direct.

He asked if I could pop in tomorrow Wednesday, problem was I had to be back in Leeds at work that day. I explained and he said to me can you possibly call in now. I literally dropped everything and shot round to the offices. Which were only 2 minutes away.

I arrived and was met at the door by Lee, he led me upstairs to an office where we set about the interview. 50 minutes later we shuck hands after a very positive chat.

I left feeling very positive about the whole process. I called Claire told her how it all went and we kept our fingers crossed.

Back To Leeds

That night I decided to not drive up home to Leeds as myself and Claire had a lot to talk about. All the possible scenarios and outcomes if it went well or not. If my work would let me leave or not. What I would tell Elishia and how it would impact on her and plans we needed to put in place for bringing it forward by 3 weeks.

We went to bed with a plan of action in place for all outcomes. It meant i had to be up at 2am to drive back to Leeds to work. Very tiring but these sacrifices you make if you really want something.

I’ve learnt that over these past couple of years of sobriety.

This is where I leave you on a cliff hanger to find out what happened when I got back to Leeds you’ll have to check out my follow up Blog.

Bye for now………………………


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