Feeding the sponge with knowledge

How replacing alcohol drinking time with study time

Comfort Zone

So what’s going on with me lately. Since the new year I’ve been feeding the sponge with knowledge. I was and still am very active on OYNB posting about my journey and helping out fellow members with their alcohol journey. Supporting and coaching them with my experience. It was whilst doing this I came up with the idea of writing to my thoughts down and creating this blog. Writing a blog was something totally out of my comfort zone. That’s the key to my journey and yours if your reading this. If it’s comfy and easy it’s not challenging you. If it’s not challenging you as a person you won’t grow. If you don’t grow you stay as you were when you was drinking. I’ve wrote before that I hadn’t read a book since early high school. So that was age of around 13, I’m now 36, 23 years not reading anything more than a newspaper. So in June I changed that and read my first book from cover to cover whilst on holiday.

Learning Zone

Since that week on holiday and reading my first book in adult life I couldn’t stop. I’ve been given books read them, I’ve bought more books to increase my knowledge. Currently I’m reading the training bible as it’s making me grow as an endurance and triathlon coach. Which in turn is helping me to coach my running and triathlete clients and get them out of their comfort zone.

I’m also listening and reading a lot of Tony Robbins. If you’ve never heard of him and your struggling in life or business. It’s a must you listen to him, I got put onto him because I have limiting beliefs in life. Relationships that never work, worry and stress over debt and the biggest of all rejection. He has hundreds of YouTube videos. It’s been whilst listening to these that I’ve learnt how to deal with these limiting beliefs. I know how to deal with rejection not just in life but business.

Educational courses

This takes me onto expanding my knowledge further with education. I dropped out of high school with only one gcse grade in art. I never enjoyed learning, I had other priorities. Thing is since I started the business of online coaching TRI-b3 look me up on Facebook. I got questioned about my qualifications. I’m 100% open so I’d tell them only life experience, but I can motivate you. That just doesn’t cut it for people that don’t know me. So I decided I needed to get on a course and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

On Monday I received an email to do a course in personal training. In past I’d of procrastinated over it and not done it. Not now, I decided to take up the course and become a personal trainer as well as online coaching. Then three days later the guys at OYNB emailed and said would you like to take our mastermind course, a place has come available. I jumped at the chance £400 to expand my knowledge and learn how to deal with life. That’s a no brainer, see I don’t just only want to be a personal trainer to make people’s bodies what they want. I also want to be a person coach helping people create the life they want.


If you’ve taken time to read this once again thanks and please sign up to the newsletter. In summary if your just starting out quitting alcohol or well into your journey. Do not waste your time doing nothing with your life. You’ve been given a second chance at this life. Use it well and build something for your future. As I said to someone yesterday, when I’m no longer here and 6ft under. I don’t want people saying what a loser he was a drunken bum. I want them talking about how I’d got them to change their lives and made them achieve their goals in life and as an athlete.Get out of your comfort zone, start exercising start reading. Listen to Tony Robbins and create a new life. Also if you feel inspired by me feel free to comment or contact me on Facebook. Maybe you want to join TRI-b3 and get running. I’m always available to inspire you. It’s all about giving back.

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