Dry January

So well its that time of year new year resolutions, I’m going to give up this give up that. well for past 5 years with one exception  when my daughter was born, I’ve done dry January.

So why try dry January and how to stick to it.

Dry January resets your body after a long holiday period of excess, don’t fear it and start steady look you’ve 5 full days before before weekend this year 2017,so your 5 days in before your bothered about your weekend drink. plan ahead your going to have so much free time and need i say it a little extra cash. Take each day at a time, if like myself i was a very heavy drinker so be aware of the cold sweats and major headaches. don’t worry they will pass and once they do you’ll feel so much fresher.

Remember your only doing 30 days its not for life i’ll talk about that in more detail in coming months and how hard and easy that can be.

So plan ahead organise walks with kids, go swimming, if your single plan a trip to cinema or take yourself out for lunch. What if you get asked to go out for drinks, well can be as hard as you want to make it.

Either say no I’m on dry Jan a lot of people are attempting it these days or say yes, you know there are so many nice a very tasty wines, spirits and beers that are all alcohol free (AF) 

If you want any extra tips or want to go longer check out this site for help http://www.oneyearnobeer.co.uk

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