The Sober Yorkshiremans First Running Event Of Year 2017 February Dewsbury 10k

So its arrived Dewsbury 10k first run of year taking

Well 5th of February 2017 has all of a sudden crept up on me and its my first run of the year. This is a significant run as it was the Dewsbury 10k in 2016 I run my first official race. My time was 6.3 miles @10:37 /mi miles clocking in 1h : 07 : 41

Dewsbury 10k 2016 Strava feed


So my plan this year is to break the hour mark. I had many problems with my knees last year and my mileage has only been low. To point I haven’t even gone above 4 miles. I’m only a week away from having to go over 6 miles. 

My aim this year is to complete an half marathon as last year two weeks out from Jane Tomlinsons Run For All Leeds half is when i got my first knee injury and meant i was going to sports injury clinic every 2 weeks.


My First Ever 10k Dewsbury 2016 

This actually coincided with my stopping drinking as May 2016 was when I was at possibly one of my worst low points. Something I was enjoying training for was taken away. I hadn’t planned or fucossed on every part of my training. I recall been depressed and just hitting the drink very hard. All because I was loving the running and it had been taken away. 

I’ve been going steady these past 3 months with my running training and hoping not to cause the same injury. Plus I’ve been working hard in the gym to strengthen the areas that need it. Albeit I worked too hard weeks before last which has resulted in me resting this week. 

I used to stand in my local and watch those runners and couldn’t think of anything worse

Its Sunday tomorrow though so I’m going to head out on my run. As I’m feeling refreshed and ill do 3 miles just enough thats needed to not cause any pain. I really can’t stress how much running has given me, when i was drinking heavily I used to stand in my local and watch those runners and couldn’t think of anything worse than running on a Sunday. Because Sunday I saw as been 12 noon pub doors open get as much lager down my neck before pizza shop opened at 5.30 teatime. Order a great big greasy kebab pizza. Eat only half of it and feel like crap Monday morning as I rose to the smell of a greasy pizza box in my room.

You have a massive void in your life to fill

Not no more see one thing this new life has shown me is that theres more to life than that. Also those that were running on a Sunday were having a more fulfilling life. More than the idiot who was waiting for a pizza shop to open. I’ve never been in better shape ever in my life and all this is due to quitting the drink. You have a massive void in your life to fill when you get rid of the hours you spent drinking so put them to good use. 

So heres this years number and I hope you give me some support as I try to break the hour mark. 

Dewsbury 10k 2017 Race Number

Im also running all these races in 2017 for a friend who sadly past away in 2007 from cardiac risk in the young. So if you would like to support this charity and help me raise my initial target of £350. Please use my link on the side bar or click 

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