Day 7 dry Jan the weekend family time

So I hope you got through your first Friday night alcohol free. Now it’s the weekend and you’ll have a lot of time on your hands.

Weekends can be tough it’s the time when we most enjoy that drink. The time we spend it most with head in a bottle of wine or pint of lager. Mindset changes mean you have to change way we use that spare time. 

Walk along canal

This is the time to really get that quality time back with your family. Take today I took my little girl for a 3 mile walk along the canal. It’s cost me very little money a lunch in a cafe was only cost, less than £10. We walked for an hour and half and she never complained. I bought her a small action cam at Xmas and she took that with her. Snapping away down canal ducks,herons,swans and odd bridges. She loved every minute of it. Fresh air in the lungs and calories burned.

This is something that an hungover dad would never of done and if I’d of carried on like I was then these days would never have happened. You have a right as a parent to do best by your children, so do it iPads TVs are all great but too much of it makes us all lazy. So if your struggling and mind is still thinking about the poison. Make sure you plan something for tomorrow even if it’s just a walk in woods. Stick with it.

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