Day 6 Dry Jan the weekend

So you’ve made it to the weekend how will you survive it.

Here we are the weekends upon us and your craving that drink from end of week, you are trust me alcohol has an effect on our brain it’s an addictive drug. So how you going to get through it. Well there is a number of ways cold turkey was how I used to always do it but since going sober for life I now have a useful toolbox. 

One of the tools is alcohol free beer, yes I hear you over 40’s screaming at me that caliber lager it’s awful. Well the worlds moved on since the 90’s we now here in the U.K. Have a huge range of alcohol free beer from market leaders carlsberg to imports like erdinger a craft lager that’s full bodied, there is also alcohol free wine and even for you gin lovers seedlip. 

These drinks are advertised alcohol free but you will notice the bottle says 0.05 or 0.5 abv this is a minimal amount of alcohol plus you won’t be drinking these to get drunk, only to take the edge off the craving of that first week going dry. 

So where do you find these drinks, most supermarkets in the U.K. Sell a version of alcohol free. Also if your going out plan ahead the bars especially jd weatherspoons do ERDINGER Alkoholfrei or for the ladies kopperberg cider. Going dry doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink just change your choice for one month or 90 days if you want to join us on


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