Day 5 Dry Jan 

So here we are Day 5 hopeif you’ve made it this far then you slept well last evening. I was reading one of my fellow members posts about his sleep routine on day 5 and this is how he put it. 

Best sleep I can recall in my adult life,it used to take me a few large glasses of whisky or a number of beers to get straight off to sleep and I’d be waking in the night night to go to toilet. Last night after 4 days dry I got straight off to sleep and my app recorded 7 disturbed patterns as a pose to 15 when I was asleep through drink

This is just more proof that your sleep patterns improve through not drinking. I know from my own experiences that I can now go to bed turn off T.V and within a few minutes be deep into sleep and not wake once through the night. This not only helps your well being but makes you ready for day ahead plus you don’t need all the 8 hours as your getting quality sleep. 

I hope rest of your day 5 experience will get better and as it’s coming to the weekend of your first dry January I’ll help you out with a few tips of some tipples you might want to try and a few activities to do as you’ll have a lot of spare time this weekend. 

Please check OYNB for any extra tips or to sign up for longer than Dry Jan 

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