Day 3 Dry January

So here we are starting day 3 of Dry Jan. I’m going to go through this month as if I was starting and doing Dry Jan with you. Well in a way I still am, back to work today for most so it should get a lot easier than been sat in thinking about the booze. 
So you’ve most probably had a very restless nights sleep once again, this happens as normal for you though you only ever sleep well or think you sleep well when you’ve had a drink. NO your having the same sleep as last night just you don’t remember it. Sleep will be awful for the next few days don’t worry it passes. Your body is just rejecting the poison that you filled it up wth last year. 

Your possibly also waking with a very very mind blowing headache or migraine like feeling. This will pass they are tough as I can remember. Especially if this is your first Dry Jan, I knew after my first 2 years doing Dry Jan that I would get these and planned for getting them. Go buy some vitamins and especially vitamin b2 to boost you and WATER💦💦💦 can’t stress how much you need water. Don’t go buy a small water bottle from shop, if you have to buy there sorts too bottle there usually bigger and you tend to keep them. Below is mine I carry in wagon with me and fill up at stops. Battered and bruised as you see i use it a lot plus it’s got a small inspirational quote. 

Right well today is day to plan something get your body needing its sleep so tonight after work don’t go sign up to gym you might not use it rest of year. I suggest go for a nice walk. 1-2 miles is all you need to get your body started. Right that’s Day 3 let’s come back tomorrow and do day 4. Plus remember if you want to join me on the longer journey join OYNB

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2 Thoughts to “Day 3 Dry January”

  1. Liz

    Love this – good, basic suggestions that we don’t always think about when we’re first stopping drinking, because we’re too hard on ourselves. Thanks, and looking forward to more!

    1. e_13-01-12_k_81

      Thanks Liz please share it and let’s see if I can help more people like ourselves.

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