Day 12 Double figures baby

Well your almost halfway there. 

Morning guys so you’ve made double figures that is a massive achievement. This point now you are almost halfway there to dry January. 

I heard an amazing quote this morning on radio whilst driving down motorway in wagon. Self confesssed gob on a stick mr Chris Evans decide to share that he was doing dry January 

” I wasn’t going to tell anyone this I was just going to get through it and keep quiet, but I’ll tell you I’m doing Dry Jan. I was hoping that I’d be feeling crap but I’m feeling great and I didn’t want that “

I had a little chuckle thinking about some of you doing this Dry Jan yes it’s hard and you’ve had your sweats and restless nights but hopefully your getting to end of them. And your sleep is getting a little more restful. 

I asked why didn’t Chris Evans want to like how he feels it’s because he likes drinking god remember him in the 90’s that exact era where my drinking started. He doesn’t ever want to feel like he can’t drink again. 

But for likes of himself and most of you Dry jan will be enough and then you can go back to it but if like others you fancy making it a challenge to see if you can make 90 days that’s end of March then please join myself and thousand others on OYNB.

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