I Don’t Drink But I Still Party

I Still Party Sober

This has to be one of my greatest pics I have on my phone I don’t drink but I still party sober from the team at http://www.oneyearnobeer.co.uk. This is truly how you can feel once you start taking control of your drinking.

Taking this into reality is a little harder than just imagery though. It took me until I was 7 months sober to go to my first party with old friends sober. I have anxiety problems and when drinking you just don’t worry about where you are or what party your heading to but trying it sober thats a whole new world. The party I decided to go to was a friends 10 year wedding anniversary. Its was mad Friday and anyone in the U.K will know this is a massive pre christmas piss up. I had two choices on this night and wedding do lesser of two temptations.

The wedding anniversary do was in a community club where I’ve gone for years and is only on my doorstep. Whilst that been the case as I walked over there my hands were shaking, I was panicking. Who’s going to be in how many questions will I need to answer. Will I be accepted as not drinking, the your boring, one won’t hurt you, you will drink again won’t you. Well all that didn’t happen it was a top night. Fully accepted and even an old mate was talking to me again. 

So what I’m saying is, it may take time for you to be confident to go out sober at first. But be sure that once you do you will love it.I will write in more depth about my experience going to parties sober and also in 2017 ill be going to Dublin sober for a 50th birthday weekend and my first sober holiday in Spain. Be sure to view my videos on YouTube thesoberyorkshireman and enjoy them with me.

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2 Thoughts to “I Don’t Drink But I Still Party”

  1. Christine Penrose

    Love this blog and I’m now a sober Lancashire lass who really knows how to party! Had a great Xmas and new year totally dry and totally rocking!

    1. e_13-01-12_k_81

      Good for you Christine. Xx

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