Blackpool Illuminations

Family trip to Blackpool just like old days

Saturday morning after an amazing date night with Claire watching Queens Bohemian Rhapsody. We wake to the sound of rain pitter pattering in loft windows. Today’s day we’re heading to Blackpool illuminations something we always did as kids with our parents. This will be the 4th time I’ve taken Elishia my daughter on this trip.

At this point we’re still not sure which of our family members are going. Due to a mix up in times that we all said we were going to set off. As my brother was due to work and also my daughter had an hairdressers appointment and I wasn’t sure what time we were picking her up to set off. We decided to fit in a few chores whilst waiting one of them forced on us by Claire’s necklace breaking night before. We headed to pandora shop and we’re amazed that they just exchanged it right away. Anyway I digress.

It’s 2pm we go pick boo up, boo is my daughters nickname. She looked absolutely adorable. Her hairdresser had put some sort of french plait in which looked amazing. We loaded the car up with all her overnight bags. She never travels light as she brings her dolls, a buggy sleeping blankets, changing bag for her dolls, and then her overnight travel bag. Rain had eased and Claire took the pilot seat and decided to drive over.

I messaged my two brothers to see where they were, one was nearly in Blackpool other was on his way. We were last to set off, but we wasn’t far behind. As we were getting close to Blackpool the sky’s brightened and it looked like it was going to stay dry. Boo was asleep all way over Pennines only woke up when Claire was getting tired and we swapped driving duties. Claire needed a little rest as she’d drove up all way from Ascot day before.

We ended up on a detour due to traffic and arrived at our destination just before 4pm. I parked the car up at top end of Blackpool and we walked down to tram stop to catch tram to the south pier. We got there and met one of my brothers and his wife and two kids, my other brother had decided to walk it down from the tower. When we all finally met up we took kids through to back end of pier where all the rides are. I quickly headed for ticket hut so boo could get on the rides.

£20’s worth of tickets in hand and before I could say which ride you going on first, she said I’m going on this one come with me. The ride she had chosen was a multi spinning ride the type of ones my gut hates. Claire said I’ll go on with her I thought yessssss. I watched as my crazy little 6 year old queued for the ride. She was at front and only just made the height restriction. Thank god as I’d of never heard end of it if she couldn’t go on. Onto car she climbed with Claire and I watched as this adrenaline junky of mine spun around at high speed.

She came of and first thing she wanted was to go back on. I had to tell her there were plenty of other rides to go on. 20 tickets soon went as she went on all rides on pier. Thing was I found out she isn’t only adrenaline junky in my life Claire is too. In the middle of the pier was a Bungie swing called Sky Coaster. We had watched people been lifted 120ft into the air dropped free fall 15ft swung across and off the pier out over the north sea. Claire had watched this and wanted to go on it, only thing was she wanted me to join her.  I wouldn’t normally of said yes but she convinced me as I believe now you only live once and you need to step outside your comfort zone wherever you can. This was way out of my comfort zone but one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done and I did it with the one I love.

Preparing for our 120ft flight across north sea

After we had exhausted all the rides and as the kids were freezing, well we all were, it was time to head for food. Keeping with tradition we walked to find a fish and chip shop, one that could seat all 10 of us. This wasn’t easy we walked past about 5 until we found one that could fit us in. All fed and watered it was time for my brothers to head off, their kids were tired and it was coming up to 9pm. Only thing was little boo wasn’t tired and she wanted to go to coral island to play on the penny arcades. We walked for miles to reach arcades but was worth it an hour and half of warming ourselves up and 15 prizes later it was time to head home. We jumped a tram and got back to car walking back past the big billboard illuminations. Put boo into her pj’s and headed home arriving back in Leeds at midnight.

It was such an amazing day making memories that’ll last forever.

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  1. Bonnie

    Love this. Memories made. ❤️

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