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Hello there I’m Karl The Sober Yorkshireman

Welcome to my blog The Sober Yorkshireman. Who am I ? I’m Karl born 1981, in a small village near to Leeds in West Yorkshire. I had a fantastic childhood and never wanted for anything in life. I’ve always worked and had a steady job most of my life. I’m a Dad to a gorgeous young daughter.

So whats the problem you may ask you seem to have it all going on. Well that’s hiding a dark truth of it all. Because since my teens I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. See I’ve been a heavy drinker for the past 20 years, Starting in my mid teens in the 90’s. I continued to drink right through my 20’s and 30’s to point where I would be drinking every night and most of weekend in my local pub.

This blog is about how I quit alcohol on June 1st 2016. This was the day my sober life began, having my last alcoholic drink on the May bank holiday. This date was set whilst reading an article and PDF from http://www.oneyearnobeer.co.uk. They advise you to start by making it a 28 day challenge. When you complete that aim to go 60,90,365 or beyond like myself.


How I Quit alcohol

How I quit alcohol, whilst driving down the motorway I got that lightbulb moment. Think it came after watching a show by Louis Theroux about drink and it destroying lives. I recall how powerful this was a guy similar age to myself just lost everything after a breakup. It resonated with me I went into self destruct after my breakup with my daughters mum. It showed how he tried to quit the alcohol and kept going back to it. That was me I’d recently had 3 months off as a challenge. Then a bad date made me self destruct for 2 and a half months. Drinking upwards of 15 pints a night to numb my feelings.

So lunchtime arrived and I parked Lorry up got out my phone and looked for alcohol support in my area. I found Forward Leeds http://www.forwardleeds.co.uk a charity that supports the recovery of addicts. So I called them and they had a next day appointment but I worked so couldn’t do that. 3 weeks was next best option so I took that. In meantime that evening I found http://www.oneyearnobeer.com I joined there 28 day, 90 day and 365 day challenge as well. I can’t stress enough how much support can help you in those early days. Without it I would of struggled. So theres how I quit alcohol now why.

Why decide to quit

Why decide to quit well as I put before I’ve been drinking since 14 years of age. A very heavy drinker for 15 years as you can read in my back story. I guess after thinking about it for a few weeks and watching that show I knew it was time to quit. I needed to quit alcohol it had given me nothing in 20 years except heartbreak and misery. 35 years old living with parents forever skint, no prospects of living in a home of my own. It was time to start a new life build a new me.

See every night as soon as clocking off for day I’d head straight to pub. No food, no shower just go as quick as possible to grab that pint of lager. Only 2 days a week I would go straight home this was on days I had my daughter. Then when I’d taken her home it was straight to pub. Alcohol ruled my life I had no control over I needed to see if removing this forever I could take back control. Be happy, get that house, get a fulfilling life, build a secure future for not just myself but my daughter.

 My Daughter

My daughter is a massive reason for me to change my life. No money to take her places that was my beer money. Clock watching somedays waiting for her home time so that I could get to pub for my fix. All that has changed and I’m now bonding better than ever with her. I’m also seeing her enjoying time with me as we have money and energy as its not all been wasted on alcohol.We’re even going out doing things that we never done before like going for walks along canal. Going to the cinema watching her smile at movies, something I never noticed before.

When I quit alcohol fathers day came only just over 2 weeks later in June. My presents I received were all alcohol related surprise surprise. Even my daughter and ex partner just associated me with alcohol. This really hurt but in a way reaffirmed my desire that next year I won’t receive them types of gifts.

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Dw Gym 2017 after i quit alcohol
Me January 2017 7 months sober and 8 kilos lighter loving life
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